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It Is Miller’s Time

By October 12, 20232023, News, Uncategorized

For years on the PGA Tour, Miller Time meant Johnny Miller was tearing it up and winning another tournament. For the St. Louis District Golf Association, Miller Time is about to end as Co-Executive Director Tony Miller has decided to retire.

The 76-year-old Kirkwood native has worked with the STLDGA since August of 2011 when he was appointed the Whitmoor Country Club district representative. It’s been a satisfying and rewarding run for the Saint Louis University alum. “I’ve met lots of great players and club professionals, played our great courses, and collaborated with a great crew of volunteers who make our events the success that they are,” he said. “We can’t have our great events without their help.”

Miller took over starting and scoring responsibilities in 2014. He and Todd Burchyett were appointed co-executive directors in 2016. Miler has run the
operations side of the business, while Burchyett runs the competition side.

Burchyett is grateful for the management association with Miller. “Tony was a big part of the District transitioning into a modern golf association,” Burchyett said. “He has been a fixture in growing the organization and preparing it for the future. Tony has been a great partner, allowing me to concentrate on the set up and running on tournament game days. Tony’s passion for the game has shown that this has been a labor of love.”

The St. Louis District Golf Association will now have the Super Seniors play for the Tony Miller Trophy.

Miller first got into the game during his time at Saint Louis University High School, where he described his game as “hacking around.” However as his business career led him into management and leadership roles, he discovered that golf was a great way to connect with clients, associates and friends, because “it’s easier than other sports.” Miller was president of Hanneke Hardware on The Hill when he and his business partner sold the company in 2011, opening his pathway into the STLDGA.

Married for 55 years to his wife, Lucy, Miller has been a member at Whitmoor since the early ‘90s. He passed along his passion for the game to his two children, who both play golf, as do their spouses. Two of his five grandchildren also play,

Miller jokes that the strength of his game is his “consistency in being average!” His best round was a 73 at Whitmoor, but admits that was a long time ago. He’s won a few events at Whitmoor during his time, but was too modest to list them. Where once he played up to three times per week, now he’s playing once or twice. “I’d still like to improve all aspects of my game, but having fun is most important,” he said. However, his attention to detail is well-known among his peers, along with a willingness to try new clubs.

An Arnold Palmer fan, Miller got to meet the legend, who was honored with a Musial Award by the St. Louis Sports Commission in 2015, when Northport (now Osage National) was opened at Lake of the Ozarks in 1992. “Arnie was a class guy, as is Jack Nicklaus,” Miller noted.

Miller certainly fits among that category of “class guys.” He contributions to the STLDGA will long be valued, and his presence at local events will absolutely be missed.